This is a little website for Lore to upload various original character-related writings. There's nothing commercial or professional here, just lots of self-indulgent things written to destress while developing my many OCs. I may also put up stories I write about other people's OCs or about my OCs interacting with others' OCs. In these cases, the posts will be tagged with others.

Note: a lot of my OCs are closed species. I do try to put my own spin on the species lore and everything so that my characters and their stories are unique to me, but the original species information and concepts are, of course, the work of their creators. I will link to them on individual story pages when necessary.

The work here is possible in large part thanks to my wonderful and beloved patrons!! Please support me on Patreon if you'd like to see more on this site. Updates are not on a fixed schedule, but I will try to write stories regularly!