Hisham loosens his tie, small beads of sweat forming between his neck and jaw. "Working under bright lights all night is quite the ordeal, indeed." he sighs to himself. He soon senses movement and is able to catch a towel being thrown at his face. When he lowers the towel, he looks over to see Luz standing in front of him with a wicked grin on his face.

"Cheer up! Work's over and now we can hit the town."

"I don't know how you still have so much energy~" Hisham shakes his head, but can't help but smile back. The host club was predictably full for Valentine's night, but Luz looks raring to go. There are few places still open at 3 AM, but he's sure that his troublesome lover has something planned. There's never a dull moment with this one.

As he's thinking this, in the space of a mere second when the other hosts in the changing room aren't looking, Luz grabs Hisham roughly by the collar of his shirt and pulls him close for a violent kiss. Hisham opens his mouth willingly, savoring the light taste of champagne and cigarettes as Luz's tongue wraps and writhes around his. Hisham surprises himself with his own feeling of satisfaction.

All too quickly, however, the connection is broken. Luz smirks as he licks his lips. "Hurry and get ready."

Hisham runs his hand through his hair, smoothing his fringe back. The move is slow and deliberate. He likes how Luz's eyes darken at the sight of his exposed neck, the tease of a collarbone underneath his thin, designer shirt. "What's the rush?"

"I've got reservations."

"Hah. Of course you do." Hisham closes his eyes and smiles knowingly, resignedly.

He changes into something comfortable and casual, but eye-catching, being sure to leave his neck exposed. Luz, on the other hand, covers almost everything, simply trading one suit for another. As Hisham walks out of the host club shoulder-to-shoulder with his temperamental lover, he can't help but look forward to stripping those layers off one by one later in the night...