I have various universes that I have made up for my OCs since they cannot possibly all co-exist in the same place at the same time. I will put up information and links for these worlds on this page as more stories taking place in these worlds are added.


As the name suggests, this world is for OCs that live in the modern world. Stories will take place in an unspecified country (a mix of American, European, and Asian cultures) in the modern day and usually involve technology or urban life somehow. It's a modified version of the real world, though some of the gentle modern stories may take place in the early 1900's as opposed to current year.

Early 2000's Eurasia: Hisham + Luz

2010's "Paris": Otochros: Aine


A fantasy world. "Irtany" is the name of the main continent in this universe. There are other continents and islands, but I have yet to explore those fully. They are not super important at this time. I came up with this world to use for my own stories. I adapt it at times to allow closed species/adopted OCs to enter, but the heart of Irtany is mine.

Stories in this world take place during roughly the same time period when a pair of twin kings and a queen (married to both twins) rule over Phreqetia, the largest and most powerful kingdom in Irtany. The kings married in 208 ID during the year of a great solar eclipse. This is used as a benchmark for when stories in this universe take place. Stories that take place before 0 ID are considered to be medieval for this universe.

Circa 200 ID: Arimel